Service Design

Service Design is a strategic planning approach to improve existing or to innovate new services, creating an optimal end-to-end customer experience across all channels and touchpoints.

Service Design applies a human-centered design process converging customer insight, service modeling, and design thinking methodology that emphasizes on customer empathy to create and deliver optimal values not only from a customer but also from an organizational perspective. The tools and methods of service design orchestrate how people, processes, and technology come together to deliver the best possible service experience.

The beginning of every design project is marked by an exploratory phase where insights and inspiration are gathered. In the Discover phase we begin to identify the problem, opportunity or need to be addressed as well as define some of the boundaries of the solution space. This exploration uses both qualitative and quantitative research methods and can involve both directly engaging with end customers and analysis of wider social and economic trends. This discovery research builds a rich bank of knowledge that will inform the rest of the design process and act as a guide and inspiration for further process.

The initial Discovery Phase is about opening out and exploring the challenge to identify problems and opportunities. The Define stage channels these towards actionable tasks. The mass of ideas and findings are analyzed and structured into a reduced set of problem statements. These are aligned with the organizational needs and business objectives to identify which to take forward. The Define phase results in a clear definition of the fundamental challenge or problem to be addressed through a design-led product or service.

The Develop phase takes the initial design brief and through an iterative process of developing and testing, refines the product or service concepts until they are ready for implementation. Using design and creative techniques, the design team and partners develop the individual service components in detail and ensure these link together to form a holistic experience. In the Develop phase working iteratively and testing with customers throughout the process helps ensure a more robust service and focuses the teams’ efforts. The final product or service will incorporate this feedback and be ready for implementation.

In the Deliver phase, the product or service is launched and begins to address the needs identified in the Discover phase. The final concept is taken through final testing, finalised and signed off. It is important to ensure systems are in place to capture customer feedback to refine the service delivery. The Deliver phase is also the point to feed back lessons from the process to colleagues and partners, sharing new knowledge, insight tools, or ways of working.

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